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Do you suffer with foot pain?  

Many conditions that affect your feet may not be very obvious and would require expertise to be able to diagnose the problem properly and render the right treatment.  Foot pain is NOT normal and must be evaluated and treated properly.  

Do you have diabetes?

All diabetic patients must be seen and evaluated by a podiatrist.  On your first visit, Dr. Kosari will discuss with you if you are at high or low risk for diabetic foot complications.  Diabetes tends to affect the entire body and especially the feet.  Your immune system, nervous system and vascular system are directly affected by diabetes.  You must be extra careful with your feet if you have diabetes.  The American Diabetes Association and the American Podiatric Medical Association recommend at least a yearly visit to a podiatrist for foot evaluation.  Those with moderate to high risk are recommended to be seen and examined every 2-3 months.

We take most insurances.   Please call the office for more information.