Preparing Your Home for Foot Surgery Recovery

Jul 01, 2023
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Foot or ankle surgery eventually helps you resume to your favorite activities without pain. Still, recovery from foot and ankle surgery takes time, and your mobility will be limited. That’s why it’s vital to prepare your home in advance.

If you’re having foot or ankle surgery, prepare your home for recovery. Recovery can be challenging enough without having to hobble upstairs or weave your way around obstructive furniture or mounds of dirty clothes.

Board Certified Podiatrist Dr. Babak Kosar, with offices in the Valencia and Northridge neighborhoods of Los Angeles, CA, offers the following guide:

1. Set up a bed on the ground floor

Even if your bedroom is on the second floor, consider creating a temporary space to sleep on the ground floor. Going up and down stairs after foot surgery can be difficult and dangerous. 

2. Surround yourself with the essentials

Along with your bed, set up an area where you can sit comfortably during the day and keep your foot elevated if needed. Keep all essentials — like your phone, computer, TV, snacks, extra pillows, and medication — nearby so you don’t have to get up often.

3. Clear pathways throughout your home

Even though you should limit your activity as you recuperate,  you’ll still have to get up occasionally. Clear the hallways and pathways you use most often to reduce your chances of tripping.

Focus on the paths between your temporary bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Put away clutter to give you more space to move around and pick up cords.

4. Stock up on simple meals

Make sure you have enough groceries in your house before your foot surgery. You may need more cooking time, but eating nutritious food is important for your recovery. Consider prepping and freezing meal portions ahead of time or purchase premade, microwavable meals.

5. Get your mobility aids in advance

Mobility aids, like crutches, a cane or walker, or a knee scooter, can help you get around the house while you heal.

Talk to Dr. Babak about which mobility aids might be most helpful for you. Get them before surgery and test them out so you know they fit your body correctly and help you get around more easily.

Have a footstool nearby resting spots.  Also, put a shower stool in your bathroom to make showering easier and safer.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re preparing for foot surgery. Learn what to expect with a personalized consultation with Dr. Babak. Schedule your visit  today.